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The age of armchair travel - part 5

Keep your wanderlust fed and your travel dreams alive

Angus Fontaine, Travel Writer with has put together some thoughts about making the most of any enforced time off the road.

Now is the time to plan. So here’s a list of armchair adventures that will keep your wanderlust fed and your travel dreams alive.


Watch real-time webcams of bears in Alaska.

If David Attenborough gets quarantined you can bet he’ll be on where San Diego Zoo, Georgia Aquarium and Monterey Bay Aquarium are offering live webcam viewings of their panda, penguin and beluga whales.

You can also watch real-time feeds of puffins in Maine, or bears in Alaska, or Australian eagles in flight on the Feathered Friends website.



Switch off and take flight with Netflix’s Street Food, which gets you behind banging pans in Osaka, Delhi, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh and Singapore street stalls; while Dark Tourist finds journalist David Farrier going to a radioactive town in Japan, forbidden cities in Cyprus and a voodoo festival in Benin.

On SBS there is the brilliantly bonkers Richard Ayoade, aka Travel Man, who takes comedians and celebrities on 48-hour blitzkriegs through foreign city hot spots.

If all else fails, look up Five Star Insider, an ahead-of-its-time travel show where your correspondent pillages five-star travel experiences and loses them a star.

One more to come....

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