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Azerbaijan & Georgia - 20 Day Explorer (Virtual Tour) - Day 18

We were due to be heading to Aerbaijan & Georgia @ this time of year, however, COVID-19 restrictions have required us to suspend all tours for the rest of 2020.

On this virtual Tour, you can travel with us as we explore two emerging countries - Azerbaijan & Georgia. On this Tour, we fly into Baku, Azerbaijan and out of Tbilisi, Georgia and bus, hike & funicular our way around these amazing cultures.

Day 18 Mestia

After a great night's sleep - probably the mountain air, the exercise and the ambience of our location - we set out for today's walk which will be a total walk time @ 6hours and covering about 16kms.

Our route takes us along the river and to the glacier at the base of Mt Shkhara - which is generally considered to be Georgia's highest mountain (5193m) and Europe’s third highest after Elbrus (5643m) and Dychtau (5204m). The route was relatively easy although it did get a bit stony towards the end. Not often you get to see the start of a river but the Shkhara Glacier forms the headwaters of the Enguri River.

We had a picnic lunch at the base of the Glacier before heading back to Ushguli and then on to Mestia where we went back to Roza's for the night. It was great to be able to walk so much as tomorrow we will have 7-8 hours in the van as we head down to the Black Sea coast & Batumi.

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