Those who have taken the journey...

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Eastern Turkey with MK1 Travel.

The accommodation was comfortable and Michael thought of every detail.

It was a great experience in an amazing part of the world and I look forward to travelling with them again.

Who knows, I might even bring my husband along next time!

Raewyn A, Gold Coast Sept 2019

Thank you for a hugely enjoyable and unique tour.  

We travelled to places most tourists don’t go, enjoying the history, archaeology, cultures, religions and friendly people of Eastern Turkey.  


In many places we visited there was a total lack of developed tourism which was a welcome relief. The ancient places and archaeological sites we visited brought history alive for me.  It was great to feel like a traveller rather than a tourist amongst the multitude. 


If it weren’t  for the Mercedes van and pleasant accommodation, I could almost imagine being Gertrude Bell or T.E. Lawrence exploring Mesopotamia.  

The journey was a perfect balance of adventure, comfort and small group companionship.  


Michael, you always did a great job on the sidelines, forever calm, making sure that everything went well.  You and Kaylene were jointly vigilant in ensuring the smooth progression of the trip.

I had expected that this would be my final trip to a Turkey but instead I’ve come away with an awareness of the richness of Eastern Anatolian cultures and a desire to return.

Jenny W, Lismore Nov 2019

I travelled with MK1 Travel to Spain

for 3 weeks in May 2019.  

The attention to detail and planning of the trip by MK1 Travel was amazing.

The smaller tour group suited me and will definitely be travelling with them again!

Highly recommend MK1 Travel to everyone.

Lyn R, Melbourne June 2019

Many thanks to you and Kaylene for our tour, you were exceptionally caring, informative and helpful.  

The itinerary in retrospect was stellar in terms of visual, historical and cultural interest from seeing the near tropical area where they grow the ubiquitous tea we drank everywhere to the top of Mount Nemrut at dawn and other significant archaeological sites and museums.  

Great company enhanced the travel experience.

Anne H, Sydney Sept 2019